Joe McNally
Lazybet founder Joe McNally who blogs and tweets regularly as Steeplechasing

Lazybet.com has grown from my long-running blog, steeplechasing.wordpress.com.

The blog will continue to be the mainstay of the site but I’ll be adding video tutorials for anyone who wants to learn about betting on racing from a logical, level minded viewpoint. I’m hoping to teach newcomers to the sport that learning the skills of race reading and form study can offer years of fun and, with a touch of luck, a profitable interest.

The first tutorials will appear in November 2017 and, depending on feedback, we will carry on from there. It will be a joint project as readers leave comments indicating which tutorials they’d like to see created.

I’ll continue publishing tips when I fancy something strongly enough.  See the Tipping page for more on that.

Thanks for looking in.

All the best.