The Last Post from Lazybet

The start of a new jumps season is an appropriate time to sign off from this blog, I think.

I’m going to be concentrating on fiction writing for the foreseeable future. Any blogging I do will be from my Steeplechasing site Please sign up on that site if you want to see future blog posts (there are three wee dots on the top right of the page on my new blog: that’s where you sign up).  I’ll still blog on racing matters that spark me into action and there’ll still be the occasional tip from me if I think a horse is exceptional value.

This site will remain online for a while. Many words have been written on it over the years and it still gets visits around National time and the Festival due to Google searches sending folk here.

Thanks to those who’ve found the time to read some of my posts. Attention spans are getting so short these days I fear that articles any longer than twitter’s 280 characters will struggle to find readers.

All the best.



2 thoughts on “The Last Post from Lazybet

  1. You should know by now Joe how much yours words have inspired me down the years. What folk don’t know if they were ‘only’ readers of your excellent articles is that they were written by one of the kindest men I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

    My family send their love, thanks and best wishes though naturally…I have signed up!

    Boyle blessings my dear friend – love to Margy.

    1. That’s very kind, Mal. The most cursory glances at the comments section here down the years will show how much you’ve supported the blog.

      Happy to report Margy is very well and I hope that is the same for all your family and loved ones.

      All the best.

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