Who will become the Amazon of online betting?

binocularsAs Amazon, Facebook, and Google have proved, where there is a global desire for a product, online dominance of that sector is not only possible, but it is becoming the norm.

Netflix for streaming movies, Spotify for music, Uber for taxis…why shouldn’t this work for betting?

Bookies offer different odds – that might be one argument, but how many casual punters care about that? If you just want a bet on the football or on the National or The Masters, the difference between 9/2 and 11/2 won’t matter much. So long as it is easy to place the bet, you get paid right away and, if something does go wrong, customer service is splendid.

So, how do you beat your rivals in this fight for dominance? Well, brand recognition is a crucial aspect. If I were the CEO of one of the majors, I’d be grabbing every sponsorship opportunity I could get while my rivals dithered about agreeing ABP status.

The usually astute Paddy Power seldom let an opportunity for name recognition pass, and I’m astounded that they’re hanging around on the question of ABP.

I’d take every sponsorship of every race I could get my hands on for the next five years, so that all that the betting public sees, a dozen times a day, seven days a week and at all the major events would be my company’s name. Not only is that name drip, drip, dripping into their consciousness, it’s displacing the names of all my rivals, for there is nothing left for them to sponsor.

Of course, they can go into other sports, but at what price? And I’m going to be there too, with a much more recognisable brand.

I’ve worked in the betting and racing game since 1971 and I’ve seen some short-sighted decisions, but this is one to beat the band.

Is there nobody out there with the vision to grasp this opportunity for long-term dominance?

2 thoughts on “Who will become the Amazon of online betting?

  1. There’s a very dangerous game of brinkmanship going on for sure. Some are possibly hanging back in the hope that they can pick up all the pieces as cheaply as possible.

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