16/1 Bobs Worth a handicap blot in the Hennessy

Bobs Worth & B Geraghty in 2013 Gold Cup
Bobs Worth & B Geraghty in 2013 Gold Cup

It was heartening to see such a superb display at Aintree today by one of my old favourites, Bobs Worth. For the first time in the past two seasons this fine horse – formerly one of the most consistent in training – showed real appetite and enthusiasm.

I wish Mr Henderson had been more forthcoming about BW’s training issues, of which, it seems, there have been many. Breathing op(s) have been mentioned, but I get the feeling it goes quite a bit deeper than that.

Anyway, I’m astounded to see him still available at 16s for the Hennessy (888 and 32RED). If Coneygree runs, as it seems almost certain he will judging by his trainer’s comments, Bobs Worth will carry 10.5 and get twenty one pounds from the Gold Cup winner. Bobs Worth is unbeaten at Newbury (two Class 1s, the second one being the 2012 Hennessy). If NJH has indeed solved all his problems, he must be the biggest handicap blot of this short century.

I’m willing to take the chance that the horse has turned the corner. He should be just half the price he is for Newbury


2 thoughts on “16/1 Bobs Worth a handicap blot in the Hennessy

  1. are 888 and 32red the same company,it might be me but when i look at antepost prices on oddschcker,they always quote the same prices

  2. Well, the weather did for Bob’s chances y’day. I was sure, at the end of last season, that this was the plan but somehow managed not to back him! We pray for another day but may have to wait until the spring.

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