What Andrea Atzeni should have said to the stewards

legerStraight after the race I thought it was a shocking decision, but having watched the ATR footage, here’s what I think Andrea Atzeni should have said in the stewards’ room:

“We were both pushing along from three out and my filly came onto the bridle approaching the two pole when Bondi Beach was still under pressure. I’ve prepared her for a gap opening, and just as it does, Colm comes in and bumps me, but he comes off worse and is knocked wide, opening the gap properly. I come out into that gap, but Colm is determined to push me back in and, as you will see from his riding, pulling hard on his inside rein, most of his bodyweight to that side, whip in his right hand, he is determined to impede me, to the detriment of getting his own horse balanced again. Had he felt his colt was going to win, he would have got him balanced after bumping me, but he knew mine was travelling much the stronger, so he tried, until a hundred yards out to lean on and intimidate my filly. It was his misfortune that she was more than up to the task of fending him off.”

Hindsight is wonderful, I know, but watch the race again, and I think you will see exactly what I mean. I suspect Andrea has been so laid back in the stewards’ room because he has assumed that these professionals could work out for themselves exactly what happened.

(For clarity, the voiceover on the footage is not mine. I came across this video on The Racing Forum. It was originally posted on YouTube by ‘Bob Danger’)

I recommend taking 7/4 with Paddy Power that the filly gets this on appeal.





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