Self-published horseracing book hits number 1 on Amazon Best Seller Charts

The press release is below. If my blog readers can do what they can to help publicise the book, I’d be very grateful. You can buy the Kindle version for 99p here

and for 99 cents here.

It’s also on sale for other devices like Nook and Kobo, and it’s on iTunes.


For the first time since the heyday of Dick Francis, horseracing fiction tops the international best seller charts.

The Eddie Malloy Series, co-written by ex-top jockey and BBC commentator Richard Pitman and Joe McNally, Aintree’s former marketing manager, reached number one overnight in the Hard Boiled Mystery category at

Richard and Joe said, ‘We’re surprised and delighted to see the book on top in one of the most competitive genres in fiction. Our main character, Eddie Malloy, has been so well received by readers of our individual titles that we decided to publish a three-book collection.

‘The print version sells on Amazon at $34.99, but we organised a one-day international promotion of the eBook yesterday at 99 cents – 99p in the UK. It’s been so successful, we are going to hold it at that price for the next few days.

‘It’s a real boost for self-publishing, and it’s good to see the sport itself at the top of the charts.’


One thought on “Self-published horseracing book hits number 1 on Amazon Best Seller Charts

  1. Magnificent news Joe……….Brilliant work regarding the amount of effort and PR work you must have put into the project! Yet more proof of our agreed notion in life, you only get out what you are prepared to put in!


    Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2013 12:21:30 +0000 To:

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