Cheltenham going and Simon Claisse outlook

10570720-1600x2400GOING NEWS AT 1PM Monday

The going remains SOFT on all courses under the frost covers.

Simon Claisse, Head of Racing, South West Region & Cheltenham’s Clerk of the Course, said today at 1pm: “There are forecast to be occasional wintry showers tonight. These showers are only expected to amount to one millimetre of rain.

“We did not get any rain yesterday or overnight, and there has been none so far today.

“During The Festival itself, we are expecting the odd shower but nothing significant.

“I think The Festival should start with soft going tomorrow, but I am guessing because I won’t know until the frost covers are lifted and that process will start as late as possible tomorrow – 10am.

“The lifting of the covers on the Old Course (used for racing on Tuesday and Wednesday) has to be complete by 1.15pm but should be finished before then.

“I will then walk the course to assess the going. The lowest temperature we are forecast tonight and tomorrow morning is minus six degrees Celsius.”

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