Recording of Lydia Hislop’s interview with Paul Nicholls on RUK today

Lydia Hislop

Most racing journalists seem to have little appetite for tackling Paul Nicholls with the same relish they reserve for some others in racing – like the BHA and its bosses.

It’s understandable, to some extent that they don’t want to be banished from the inside track with popular trainers, but Mr Nicholls has enough power in this business in my opinion. A journalist’s job, and instincts, should be to hold him and others to account when the call comes.

I thought Lydia Hislop enhanced her already robust reputation by not backing off today when Mr Nicholls pretty much told her to do so.

Here’s the audio of the interview. PFn_Lydia

I’m being presumptive in hoping RUK will not object to me reproducing this; if anyone there wants it removed, please get in touch.


5 thoughts on “Recording of Lydia Hislop’s interview with Paul Nicholls on RUK today

  1. I haven’t seen the interview but listening only is very interesting. I admire Paul,he’s a great trainer, but he always sounds so defensive in his interviews to the extreme sometimes.
    Having watched many interviews with him,I find it annoying,when asked a question, his first words after it are usually, ‘Listen’,like a headmaster telling a pupil off.As Lydia said in the interview she is ‘doing her job’ by asking the questions which she feels matter,these may sometimes be uncomfortable for the interviewee but as long as they are answered honestly they have nothing to worry about.
    As regards the story of the fall,I think he was justified to hold fire on saying anything given that there appeared to be nothing untoward with Kauto until a few days later. I suppose it is one of those damned if you do,damned if you don’t scenarios though really. I love Kauto but I don’t think he’ll win,training fall or not.

  2. I’m afraid Lydia was in her ‘journalistic’ mode which was disappointing.

    Forget the whip rulings, if we are going to challenge Paul Nicholls on his decisions we might as well give up the game.

    As open and frank and honest a trainer I have not met before, best summed up by his spot on comment, that Josh’s memorial service had to come first.

    It’s not all about money, betting and winning. It’s about fair minded people….thankfully.

  3. Have to disagree on that point, PFN is all about money, period!

    HAVING SEEN THE GARGANTUAN MONSTROSITY of a house he has just built, I’m beginning to wonder – it is ugly as sin!!

    I DON’T actually think he’s THAT clever – any old fool could tell you that running Denman at Aintree was a mug’s game – it’s a speedster’s track and he’s pure stayer… AND any old fool could tell you that Kauto is a fantastic jumper and front runner and is better at kempton and Haydock on good ground than at Cheltenham or in ireland running in bogs… BUT he ruddy well knows when his horses are fit, i tell you!!

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