Jockeys reportedly believe abusing horses for publicity is a good idea

The Racing Post reports today that among the plans discussed by jockeys to highlight their case against the new rules, is to stage a race where, when every jockey has used up his quota – (I’m assuming it will be a NH race so 8 strokes), they will all pull up.

At first I thought it was a joke. If they are serious, what it means is that they will set out to deliberately hit each horse in that race the maximum number of times – whether the horse’s behaviour or position in the race merits it or not. In other words, they will abuse animals . . . for publicity.

In case you’d like to read that again. Our jockeys are considering abusing animals for publicity.

What manner of intellect is at play in the weighing room? If the above is true then these people shouldn’t be allowed near an animal, in sport or in any other field.

A new rule of bringing the sport into disrepute needs to be established as quickly as possible. If it is and could be retrospectively applied, the instigators of such an idea should be warned off for a very long time.

I’ve been involved with racing for over 40 years, if such a race ever takes place, I’ll be gone for good, vomiting in disgust on the way out.

4 thoughts on “Jockeys reportedly believe abusing horses for publicity is a good idea

  1. disappointing ,using a whip on a horse can be to change direction as well you are being hysterical and also doubt you can walk away.or are you just being extreme to get a reaction

    1. Thanks for commenting Paul. Yes, I’m being extreme within the bounds of fair comment, I believe, to bring as much attention as possible to this crazy idea. I am not saying that the jockeys saw it as abusive when it was first raised, but there’s no doubt in my mind that if it happens it will be classed as abuse. If jockeys deliberately set out at the start of a race to give 8 strokes of the whip to every runner, irrespective of the horse’s behaviour or position in the race, then some of those strokes are bound to be gratuitous. Gratuitous whipping of an animal would be viewed by most of society as abuse. The intent might not have been to abuse, the result will almost certainly be abuse. If my ‘hysterical’ article can help dissuade them from carrying this out, I don’t mind taking the brickbats.

  2. This is hysterical, silly, nasty rubbish. You really should know better than to post such tripe. I am ashamed to have even read it. I hope you’ll consider being “gone for good” away from racing, young sir – I’m sorry to say that racing would be better without you. Those jockeys are HEROES.

    1. Heroes, perhaps, Mrs Shacklock, but courage is not always accompanied by sound judgement.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment

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