Being Kevin Darley

Interpreting Kevin Darley:

What he said today: What he should have said

“There is now a process of proper consultation and discussion involving jockeys which should have happened before the original announcement by the BHA last month. I apologise for not ensuring that this detailed consultation took place when I was first approached by the BHA

“Had we been properly consulted over some of the important details that relate directly to jockeys prior to that announcement we feel that we would not be in the position we are today. If I had paid much closer attention to the implications of simply signing off an endorsement of the new rules in such ringing terms, we would not be in the position we are today.

“Jockeys have no issues with the restricted amount of times they can use the whip under the new rules. The careers of jockeys are short by definition and the implications of financial penalties and long suspensions are savagely disproportionate. I accept that jockeys careers have not suddenly got shorter since I signed off the BHA press release nor have the savagely disproportionate penalties been changed. With this in mind, I apologise to the BHA for misleading them and to my members for so badly misrepresenting their position. I feel I have no choice but to bring forward my resignation date and step down now”

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