Very unfair for the BHA to carry the can in the whip dispute

I hear cries for the BHA to be ‘sitting all night’ to resolve this. Why should they? They spent 10 months and a lot of money consulting. They won the support of the PJA and NTF. If the PJA in particular lacked the foresight to seek a short pilot project before endorsing the new rules, that is not the fault of the BHA.

I agree the timing for introduction was poor. I think Paul Roy is not competent for this job and never has been. But on the single issue of the new whip rules, I think the BHA did a comprehensive, highly professional piece of work. Their track record as whipping boys has allowed the real culprit here – the PJA – to escape virtually scot-free.

For Mr Darley to be trying to now hurry the BHA along is brass-necked in the extreme. His competence, which should already be in serious doubt, is in question again with these veiled strike threats.

A strike would bring public scorn and media humiliation on jockeys. It would set the sport back years. The British public is pretty intolerant of strikes in any sector these days; there is always a degree of sympathy for miners, steelworkers, firefighters etc, but if the PJA believe they’ll be viewed kindly when striking, they are seriously deluded.

The BHA is a long way from perfection, but in this case, they are being very unfairly pilloried. Anyone with a sense of justice should let the bandwagons trundle on without their support.

2 thoughts on “Very unfair for the BHA to carry the can in the whip dispute

  1. think you have made a good point , maybe would be better to educate public about whip use , and compare it to how working horses live , ie under the whip and carrying heavy loads ,
    thanks for giving another angle to the story

  2. I agree with you here.
    The PJA have (in my opinion) ignored the “whip” agenda as Flat-racing jockeys believe the issue to be a jump-racing problem. Kevin Darley, Richard Hughes, Frankie Dettori etc have arrogantly thought (judging by their comments and reaction in the past week) that it was not their problem.
    Wake up and smell the coffee!

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