The late Willam Hill on Dorothy Paget’s Fanny

Dorothy Paget and Golden Miller


There’s a lovely piece by Angus Dalrymple in this month’s edition of BOS magazine. Angus talks of his early days working as a settler for William Hill.  He tells of the big bookie’s sense of humour and one of his best-remembered tales about the infamous Dorothy Paget who owned many horses, including Golden Miller, winner of 5 Cheltenham Gold Cups and a Grand National.

Hill’s tale was of a new Welsh announcer at Chepstow races, sacked on his first day for informing racegoers over the tannoy: “Attention please! The Stewards have informed me that Miss Dorothy Paget’s Fanny has been scratched in the paddock.”

Hill said the news turned the betting market upside down and just minutes before the race a new favourite was installed.  The announcer then came on with extra information that cost him his job: “May I have your attention again please!  The Stewards now inform me that to the best of their knowledge and belief, Miss Dorothy Paget’s Fanny has never been entered!”

As the saying goes, if it’s not true, it should be!

I’ve asked BOS for permission to reproduce the full article on my blog


William Hill

2 thoughts on “The late Willam Hill on Dorothy Paget’s Fanny

  1. I knew Dorothy Paget in the 40’s in 1948 I worked at “Palace House ” stables in newmarket with my brother Doug, the trainer then was Harry Jellis, Dorothy paget owned virtually every horse.

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