Rebekah’s poor judgement seems to have seeped into husband Charlie who calls for loss of broadcast protection for Grand National

I think Charlie Brooks, husband of the famous Rebekah, has got it badly wrong in his Telegraph article calling for loss of protected status for both the Derby and the Grand National.

His timing is either audacious or bloody awful as he slates the BBC and says these races should go to the highest bidder (read BSkyB).

Apart from the potential political implications, loss of terrestrial TV rights for the Grand National would be a disaster for racing. Losing The Derby probably wouldn’t make much difference, but the National, warts and all, is UK racing’s glorious global shop window – the last thing it needs is commercial shutters pulled across it.

Even Rebekah might have the brains to give Charlie a slap if she gets home tonight. (She took Ross Kemp out in a catch-weight contest, Charlie should be a cinch)

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  1. I saw piece seriously what relavance his views are to anything apart from dildo’s and rabbits is beyond me …. This Man should be sorting his bloody stupid wife out and not pontificating about things he offers no longers is part of ! What a knob !

  2. Cannot believe that bit of nonsense got through the Telegraph. Surely those close to him have a vested interest and the piece is therefore far from impartial.

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