Fancy5 humanely destroyed by 66/1 Weetentherty

RIP the Racing Post’s Fancy5 competition. It seemed a good idea on the face of it and the Post should be congratulated for continued innovation.

A month ago I wrote that I thought the competition would not survive long due to the absolute necessity of needing high priced winners to be in the hunt.

I checked today at the end of afternoon racing and I think the leader at that point had chosen two winners  at 33/1 and 16/1 – he or she must have already ordered the champagne. It now looks as though that entry might not have finished in the top 50 due to the number of people who picked Weetentherty the winner of the 7.00 at Hamilton at 66/1 (14s in RP betting forecast).

That ‘teatime’ leader will not be playing next week – I doubt the bitter pill of today will be even halfway down by then.

Racing Post editor Bruce Millington hinted yesterday on Twitter that Fancy5 has yet to make the paper any money – partnership arrangements won’t have helped in the ‘profits’ split.  I suspect Bruce is reacting now in the same way as the fella whose image you see at the top of this post.

One thought on “Fancy5 humanely destroyed by 66/1 Weetentherty

  1. We agreed a few weeks ago Joe that not enough thought had gone into this notion.

    Here’s a quickie for you not reliant on naming winners. races chosen must have eight declared runners or more.

    Choose any four races on a Saturday where you believe there will be a significant winning margin. Then pick the four races you will believe will be most competitive, producing tight finishes.

    The winner is the person who has the most ‘lengths’ ‘in profit’ after deducting one from the other.

    There could be a tie-breaker involved whereby you mominate your ‘your aggregate profit distance’. If more than one person has chosen the same four positive/negative races and offered the same ‘aggregate distance’, the prize is shared.

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