Twittergreyhound update

Well twitterhorse started it and although this is a horse racing blog, I’m happy to try and help Gary Tunnicliffe recruit members for his twitter greyhound syndicate.  Here’s Gary’s latest update:

A mixed week really for the findusontwitter syndicate our  Twittergreyhound travelled down to  Oxford on Monday & did a great trial recording a calculated time of  40.48  first time around after a long trip down & being slow away, ahead of the Pall Mall meeting next Tuesday on Sky. Unfortunately to our disappointment she failed to get into any of the Opens despite her efforts. But Oxford’s loss will hopefully be Sheffield’s  gain &  our Twittergreyhound is entered up for next week at Sheffield instead upped in tripped to 720M abw.

On a positive note the findusontwitter syndicate is very pleased to announce its latest member –  Daren “give a bit back” Johnson  has joined our twitter ranks & is most welcome in the syndicate.

Daren is best known for his greyhound derby winning exploits in 2009 with the Mark Wallis trained Kinda Ready & latterly his great work for retired greyhounds & help for hero’s with his “give a bit back” campaign where Daren successfully completed a month of marathons to raise funds for the two charities.

You can find us here

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