Betfred short on Curleys – could they end up paying them twice?

The Racing Post reports that Betfred are refusing to pay out members of Barney Curley’s family for bets placed online:

BETFRED.COM, based in Gibraltar, will not pay out on the bets placed by Barney Curley’s relatives as part of the Newmarket trainer’s £4 million coup last May.

This comes despite the fact that Betfred’s UK betting shops have paid out and that, following an investigation, the BHA concluded that no rules of racing had been breached. Betfred, who on Friday were declared the new owners of the Tote, declined to comment, stating: “It is with our lawyers.”

On June 1,’s lawyers informed the five account holders, four of whom are related to Curley, that bets showing a profit of more than £823,000 would be voided under the company’s rule 10, which states: “Any person or group of persons acting in an attempt to defraud will have their bets voided.”

So, rules of racing not breached, precedent set by already paying out in their shops, what chance have Betfred of avoiding paying online bets?

Also, their case appears to suggest that the Curley people were involved in attempts to defraud -will they be pressing for criminal charges against these account holders?

If Betfred lose this, aren’t they then open to a substantial damages claim for libel as well as serious PR fallout?  Mr Done certainly likes a challenge.

2 thoughts on “Betfred short on Curleys – could they end up paying them twice?

  1. Curley has been pulling strokes for years, looks to me that he has overstepped the mark. Can I runs an account in my sister’s name, or all the other side of the family. Think not.

    NOTE I’ve edited Rob’s comment for legal reasons and emailed Rob to let him know. Unfortunately the email bounced, so Rob, feel free to contact me or leave another comment here if you’d rather have your original comment deleted than edited/censored.

  2. You take you pay it, lord lucan or barney curley, the thing that amazes me is that betfred took a bet, they’ve been a joke for years, twenty pound at best online, so lets give him the tote, god what a mess

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