2 winners at 50s and 10s yet Fancy5 winner just holds on:early results could scupper this new competition

Five selections – two winners at 50/1 and 10/1 earned £4,000 for this week’s winner of the Racing Post‘s new Fancy5 competition.  The idea is to pick 5 horses and come top of the table based on a notional £1 stake on each (£1 deducted for a loser). Simon Williams, this week’s winner might have been expected to have cruised home, but he won by just £3.50.

Last week’s victor had two winners – 17/2 and 16/1.

Andy Brown won the inaugural comp with a winner at 20/1 and another at 16s.  Before entering in week 2 he said,

“It’s a thinking man’s game. The beauty of the competition is that you can react to what is happening, both during racing and around you on the leaderboard.

“My tactic will again be to try to find two or three winners in that 10-1 to 16-1 bracket.”

My initial assumptions on the Fancy5 were that it would hold considerable appeal for many Saturday punters willing to stake £2.50 in the hope of stringing together three or four at around 9/2 or 5/1. Early results suggest you really cannot consider anything below 10/1 and I think that will be a challenge too far in the minds of many.

Still, credit to the Post for offering something new; I’d be interested in seeing turnover figures so far and how the graph looks as the weeks pass.  Perhaps regular tweeter, RP editor Bruce Millington will enlighten us though I suspect we will get a ‘commercially sensitive’ quote!

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  1. Fair play for trying to offer new ideas as you rightly say Joe but not enough thought went this ‘venture’ in my book.

    The first winner invested 5 lines (£12.50) and received back far less money than he would have if he had simply backed the double.

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