Richard Hughes says punters are being misled by incorrect going descriptions: should the guilty be punished?

The Racing Post is flagging that its most interesting guest columnist in years, top jockey Richard Hughes, will be writing tomorrow about incorrect going descriptions and the effects of those on punters.

Corruption charges against jockeys and trainers will deter some from betting on racing, in reality a tiny percentage. To many, especially betting shop punters, part of the attraction of racing is that they see it as full of villains plotting frequent ‘jobs’. That’s why they fall for ‘tips’ and ‘inside info’.

I’m pretty sure serious punters are much more concerned about the effect on their betting of inaccurate going descriptions. Timeform make a going assessment for each meeting that is independent of the ‘official going’. Their current database does not allow for immediate analysis of their descriptions versus official ones but, for example, prior to this year’s Cheltenham festival they disagreed with Cheltenham’s Festival going on day one in four of the previous five years – full article here.

Of course corruption brings racing into disrepute. Inaccurate going descriptions do the same in my opinion, but the perpetrators go unpunished.

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  1. Racing politics is no different to what goes on in Westminster Joe (imo).
    It’s all a case of ‘looking after each other’ which is one of the worst scenarios of this ‘democracy’. It’s only a democracy if the working man is kept in his place by people who are (almost) above the law.

    That’s all far too serious for a Saturday–apologies offered–good luck to everyone having a wager this weekend, whatever the going!

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