Twitterhorse quickly breeds twittergreyhound

The Twitterhorse project, launched within the past few days, has sparked the imagination of many people who’ve always wanted to experience ownership of a racehorse.  Joining a syndicate is the only affordable way in for the man in the tweet (ouch!).

For those whose funds don’t run to membership of a horseracing syndicate, or if you simply prefer greyhound racing, there’s now a twittergreyhound project organised by avid Tweeter Gary Tunnicliffe  who runs GPT Racing.

40-year-old family man Gary has been closely involved with greyhound racing for more than 20 years.  Based in the East Midlands, he goes racing weekly at Nottingham.  Gary(2nd from right in above pic with his winner Dunham Dooher) says, “I think the twitterhorse idea is a brilliant one and it set me thinking that it could easily work for greyhounds.

“We’re currently involved in four private dogs and twelve club dogs. My father was a breeder and permit trainer on Norton Canes and Perry Barr we always had dogs at home as kids.

“We are aligned with the Dunham Greyhound Centre, who care for all our dogs at a fantastic facility near Nottingham, with its own track. Welfare is paramount and the dogs are cared for with no expense spared. We successfully rehome locally as required.

“The twitter concept will allow access for all at a very affordable price, if we get sufficient numbers and we’ll race throughout the British Isles in open competitions for all to see and enjoy”.

You can follow Gary on twitter here.

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