“Gutted, but no way, I’m going to get the National banned” RSPCA consultant, David Muir

The RSPCA’s equine consultant David Muir told Chris Cook of the Guardian, “I was gutted that two horses died because I put a lot of work into that course. What I will do now is go back and have a look at each element, with the BHA and the racecourse management, to see if the jump contributed to what happened, look at the take-off and landing side and so on, and see if the evidence suggests something can be done about it. I’m trying to make the race better, safer where I can, but the one thing I can never do is eliminate risk: that’s always going to be there.”

Asked if he would like to see the race banned, Muir said: “I have to live in the real world. There’s no way I’m going to get the National banned. Racing is a massive industry with the horse as its fulcrum and it needs someone in that area that will fight for them. If you’re standing outside, condemnation doesn’t achieve anything.”

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