How much would Tidal Bay have won with a good Barrister?

Poor old Tidal Bay. If he were human and had a good QC, he’d have won a dozen defamation cases against his detractors.

Many people have a soft spot for him, and I’m one of them. For a ‘villain’ he’s been pretty consistent;  jumps placings:


Not out of the first two in his first 17 NH outings. He’s won at least once each season in all bar his first, and only been out of the first 4 twice in his life. he’s won two Grade 1s and two Grade 2s (three of these Graded victories at Cheltenham) His racing style, with that high head carriage, makes me think something is hurting him. Owner Graham Wylie had his back checked last season and they believed they’d found, and fixed, the problem, but, a bit like the ancient pop group Status Quo, he still keeps turning out the same old performances, his version of the 12 bar blues for supporters.

When he finally pops his platinum plates, I wouldn’t be surprised if an autopsy found some physical defect which will leave racing fans swooning and reflecting ‘if only’. One of the best hurdlers of the ’70s, Birds Nest, used to get called all sorts of names because he’d swerve badly across the course near the finish when under maximum pressure. When he died, they opened him up and found he had a serious heart defect.

I doubt Tidal Bay will win the Gold Cup but I’ll bet the roof comes off the stand if he does. Unfortunately, I don’t think his form with Imperial Commander at Haydock can be taken literally. I had the good fortune to speak to Ian Robinson last night – Ian heads the syndicate that owns Imperial Commander – and he told me that  not only did IC suffer a serious cut during the Betfair ‘chase, they found out later that when they thought they’d had him 90% fit for the race, he was just 75% to 80% fit.

The romantic in me would love to see Tidal Bay blunder his way round in his usual fashion, trade at 999 on Betfair two out, and storm up the hill to win by a nose in a four-way photo-finish. I don’t think he will but with old TB, you never, ever know.

Good luck if you’ve backed him.

One thought on “How much would Tidal Bay have won with a good Barrister?

  1. Great ‘post’ and reminded me of some of the seemingly ‘just below Championship’ status of horses in the sixties/seventies. Bob Turnell’s stablemate of Birds Nest Beacon Light for one, the likes of Rondetto and Spanish Steps are others, horses to put a smile on your face when retiring every night, notwithstanding genuine handicappers like dear old Sonny Somers! Proves what a nation of emotional creatures we are…..never more so that when Istabraq was pulled up rounding the turn after passing the stands a few years back…..the applause was magnificent and so well deserved.

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