6 thoughts on “Poll: Do you agree with Festival policy on ground for day one?

  1. I voted No but could easily have voted for a few of the other options.

    I don’t have a problem with watering if the weather has been unseasonal, it should never be properly fast at the festival but what is wrong with good?

    Saying that I’d be very happy if the description was accurate.

    Below are the times and official going description of the Champion Hurdle since the foot and mouth outbreak in 2001.

    3.53.80 Good/Soft
    4.00.90 Good/Soft
    4.08.10 Good/Soft
    3.55.70 Soft
    3.50.00 Good/Soft
    3.51.50 Good
    3.54.50 Good
    3.54.70 Good
    3.53.80 Good/Soft

    An absolute farce.

  2. I go along with Bryan, I want accurate going reports prior to racing. That said, I appreciate that Cheltenham is not a flat, oval track under a mile in circumference, so some latitude should be allowed for.

    Good blog BTW, feel free to check my blog out.

    1. Thanks Ian. Your blog looks good and I agree with you on the poor value Long Run is – Ruby says that horse wants it soft.

      Best wishes


  3. You just knew i couldnt resist…

    His stick readings defy belief , He has Champion Hurdle day as softer than when Grand Cru won the Cleeve!!!!! But until you dig around and find out when a lot of the reading were taken(up to FIVE days old!!) then you are not going to get a lot of sense out of them

    Take them 2 hours before the first and a hour after the last if you want them to have ANY meaning

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